About Me

My Name is Jolene Kolk, and I LOVE food.  I have been passionate about art and great food for a very long time. I have combined these passions in creating Pantry Studios.   

Over my many years (and many roles) in the food industry I discovered that where my true passions reside, is also where my biggest talents are. Yes, I love making (and eating) food, but telling the stories around the food is truly my favorite.  So that is where I started to cultivate and grow my skills. 


Crafting the story of food, a dish, a farm, a chef, or a brand is what I love doing. Styling, propping, photographing and curating images is how I do it. 

I have worked for myself building a brand from the ground up, with restaurants and product businesses creating and curating content and refining brand identity.  And now I want to work with you. 

Do you have a story waiting to be told? Looking for stunning images, brand guidance and more? I would love to work with you to bring your story to light. 

Take a look at my previous work and let’s chat to see if we are a good fit! 

Services available:

  • Story Capturing

  • Food Photography 

  • Food Styling 

  • Prop Curation & Rental

Check out my Family & Lifestyle Photography here