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Chimichurri Breakfast Bowl

I recently posted my Quick Chimichurri recipe, and this is the sister recipe to that one. I call it a 'Breakfast Bowl', but really enjoy it as breakfast, brunch or dinner!

The potatoes in this recipe can be roasted, or pan fried. I enjoy it either way!

Chimichurri Breakfast Bowl

2-3 portions

4-6 small potatoes

1 cup corn

1 cup chopped tomatoes

1 farmers sausage

2-3 eggs

Salt & Pepper

Fresh Chimichurri

Chop potatoes into small chunks, toss with canola oil, salt and pepper, pan fry or roast potatoes at 450*.

While potatoes are cooking, slice sausage and fry on both sides. Fry egg sunny side up. While its all still hot, put potato hash in the bottom of a bowl, layer with sausage pieces, corn, tomatoes, egg and top with a generous scoop of fresh Chimichurri.

Be Kind & Eat Well!

- Jolene

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