• J. Kolk

Quick Pickled Mushrooms

Leftover mushrooms? Not a problem!

Well you cant let a good thing go to waste, or at least I cant! After some over enthusiastic weekend grocery shopping I fund myself with a full fridge and needing to use up some lovely produce. When it comes to wild mushrooms, making them into pickles is probably not the first thing you think of.

But the earthiness actually blends and balances very well with the acidity of apple cider vinegar and the sharpness of crushed black pepper.

This amazing book Cedar and Salt is what I used as a base for my pickling liquid. I also added some bay leaves to accent the earthy tones and the results were great.

I snacked on a few on them, used some in a 'fancy' grilled cheese and kept the rest for future charcuterie boards!


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