• J. Kolk

Drizzle, Drizzle, Drizzle!

As much as I enjoy rain, here in Vancouver it can get a little much in the fall and winter. But Drizzle Honey, is one kind of drizzle I cant get sick of!

Back when I lived in Alberta, I knew Aja, the founder of Drizzle Honey from markets we had both done. I owned a handcrafted chocolate business back then, but that is a story for another day! Anyways I have been a fan on her and her honey company for years now.

When I tried the Turmeric Gold honey they now make I fell in love. I enjoyed itin teas and o toast but I with so much flavour I knew I could do more. So naturally I decided to make a dish with it!

Enter Golden bread pudding! I made this with a brioche loaf, cinnamon turmeric and honey in the liquid portion, and topped it with whipped cream and more Drizzle on top.

Delicious, yes! Stained my dishes yellow of a bit? Also yes, but worth it.


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