• J. Kolk

Fall Baking Spices

Lets chat spices! Living in the Lower Mainland of beautiful British Columbia, I am blessed to have access to vast amounts of farms that grown gorgeous produce almost all season long. (Coming into October, I'm thinking all about local pumpkins!) But some things can never be sourced locally. Like spices. I love scouring markets for fair trade imported spices, ones I love and new ones to try.

Spices, are the spice of life! That's a saying right? Well it is now.

Fall will always bring me back to the ever popular pumpkin spice mix medley. Although sometimes overdone, the warming mix of cinnamon, cloves and ginger is truly spectacular. the PSL debate aside, when done right, a good spice mix elevates any baked dish!

My tip? Throw in some cracked pepper. Unexcepted yes, but a pinch or two of black pepper in sweet dishes can really bring our some flavour complexity.

From cinnamon buns, to Chai tea sugar cookies, to spiced bread pudding, think about experiment a little with spices in your fall baking this year. And of course, let me know what you think here or on my IG page. I love sharing food and dessert inspiration with you all, and its even better when you share back!


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