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Frosted Rosemary 'Trees'

We don't get a lot of snow in Maple Ridge, so when we do its usually pretty fun. And always a great way to get into the Holiday spirit! Recently we had a sprinkle of snow, and I looked out my kitchen window, to my garden and saw my sweet little rosemary bush covered in a dusting of snow.

It was so pretty, the little branches looked like a forest of sparkling Christmas trees. Seeing that instantly gave me an idea. Frosted rosemary would make a beautiful Christmas-y garnish!

So I experimented, and and came up with this. Very simple, very fast and OH so cute!

Frosted Rosemary 'Trees'

Fresh rosemary sprigs


Icing sugar

Wash rosemary thoroughly, let it drip dry, but let them remain slightly wet. Or if you've bought pre-washed rosemary, dip sprigs into water and tap off excess.

Fill a small bowl with icing sugar. Dip/roll the moist rosemary sprigs in sugar, then place gently on a cooking cooling/drying rack.

Let them fully dry, approx. 2 hours. Use as a garnish for holiday drinks, cookies, cakes and more!

Best used within a week or two.

If left past a week you have finely chop your trees and add more sugar to make a rosemary-infused sugar for baking or rimming cocktails.


Be Kind & Eat Well

- Jolene

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