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Local Surrey Flower Farm

Last week ago I was able to attend an incredible event at a South Surrey (almost in White Rock) farm. King Fisher Farm has a farm stand, grows organic produce, fresh flowers and puts on intimate events.

My friend Alison (above) of Alison Kent Home Kitchen and I had the pleasure of attending farm owner Angela's bouquet making workshop. A large barn and towering trees greeted us. Immediately I was transported to more then a place, but a slower more thoughtful headspace.

There was a tour of the floral fields, refreshments and all the ambiance set in their quiet orchard.

Angela opened with a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver

Freshen the Flowers, She Said

So I put them in the sink, for the cool porcelain Was tender, And took out the tattered and cut each stem On a slant, Trimmed the black and raggy leaves, and set them all- Roses, delphiniums, daises, iris, lilies, And more whose names I don’t know, in bright new water- Gave them A bounce upward at the end to let them take Their own choice of position, the wheels, the spurs, The little sheds of the buds. It took, to do this, Perhaps fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of music With nothing playing.

The evening was lovely, and really unforgettable. More then learning about the art of arranging flowers, it felt great slowing down and spending some time unplugged (other then these photos I snapped).

I mostly photograph food, and people, but this floral adventure was a just as fulfilling to capture with my camera. Now I'm goin to forever be dreaming of these of pretty fleurs!

- Jolene

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