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Rhubarb Ketchup

Summer is here, and with it local produce, hot days, warm evenings, cooking outside and fireside hangouts. I love an outdoor dinner in the summer here on the west coast. Dinning el fresco can be dressed up or dressed down. You can make it up to a dinner party level event, or strip it down to a casual picnic style toes-in-the-grass meal.

This recipe if for the latter. Because what pairs better with a dinner on the lawn or by the fire then some good old fashioned ketchup!?

This recipe utilizes fresh rhubarb, something usually found in abundance in late spring and early summer. So pick up a bunch of rhubarb from your local summer market, or pick it from your garden and make a batch or two of this zesty twist on a classic condiment to enjoy all summer!

Fresh rhubarb is tart and a little sweet, how a ketchup should be! This home-made ketchup is less sweet then a store-bought version but packs more fresh flavour.

Rhubarb Ketchup

3 cups chopped rhubarb

1 cup water

1 cup tomato sauce

1 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup apple cider vinigar

Salt & pepper to taste

Place the fresh, chopped rhubarb and water in a medium sauce pan on medium/low heat. Let it simmer, stirring often until the fruit get very soft and mushy

Add the tomato sauce, brown sugar and vinegar, stir well.

Return to low heat and simmer for 30-60 minutes.

Remove from heat, them blend thoroughly with an emersion blender, or in a blender. Pour into glass jars and refrigerate.

Enjoy on burgers, smokies, hotdogs, fries and more.

This is great summer condiment but can be enjoyed any time!

Be Kind & Eat Well!

- Jolene

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