• J. Kolk

Simmer Pot

What is a simmer pot? It's many things, but mostly its a lovely way to brighten up your home with holiday scents, love and warmth.

There are many ways to create a simmer pot, but generally you want to add aromatic fruits, botanicals, spices and herbs to a small pot, cover with water and put it to simmer on your stove, and let the festive smells fill the air.

For a magical touch, you can set an intention for each ingredient you add. Think of the attributes you want to float through your home, as you drop in each item. Are you adding love, joy, abundance, peace, warmth, gratitude, fun, hope? Something else?

Here are a few of my favorite combinations, but you can play around and make a scent that feels perfect for you.

Bright Gratitude

Orange slices

Whole cranberries



Cinnamon sticks

Whole peppercorns

Bay leaf

Cozy & Grounded

Apple slices (cut them round ways to see the star in the middle)

Orange slices

Cinnamon sticks

Cedar leaves/small branches

Bay leaves

Yuletide Joy

Orange slices or peels

Lemon peel


Cinnamon sticks



Bay leaves

A few more tips;

- Save up your orange peels to add to a pot, reducing waste!

- Use your smallest burner to keep a low simmer

- Do not leave unattended

- Top up with water as it evaporates

- Wash fruit peels before adding

- Prepare a pot, without warming, and set aside before Christmas dinner. Once dinner is done, put the pot on the heat and let the scents off-set the after dinner smells.

I hope you enjoy this slightly different recipe!

& remember,

Be Kind & Eat Well!

- Jolene

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